Marriage Celebrant for Overseas Couples

Regardless of what country you are coming from, if your dream is to be married on one of our beautiful beaches on the Sunshine Coast or in the tranquility of the Glasshouse Mountains in our Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia I can help that dream come true.

I often work with couples from overseas and sometimes it is not possible to meet you until the day before your wedding. It is very easy to work together via email, telephone and Skype.

Documents you will need

You still need to comply with the Legal Requirements for getting married in Australia. (Go to my ‘Questions’ section)

If acceptable evidence of date and place of birth and identity is not provided, the Celebrant cannot legally conduct the marriage.

A person born overseas who does not have a birth certificate or extract, should make every effort to obtain one from his or her country of birth. In the event that this is not possible the Celebrant may sight a Passport issued by the government of an overseas country, provided it shows both date and place of birth. It doesn’t have to be current, but it must not be cancelled or revoked. The Celebrant may also request additional proof of identity.

If you have been previously married, you must provide a certified copy of the absolute Dissolution of Marriage, or the Death Certificate. An official at the Australian Embassy or Australian Consulate can certify these outside Australia. If you have been married more than once before, evidence of how the last marriage ended is the evidence I need to see.

All of these documents must be brought with you on your arrival to Australia for sighting by the Celebrant. For cases in which it is impossible to obtain the relevant documents outlined above, contact me.

NOTE: You cannot be married in Australia unless you have these original documents with you!



If the original documents are not in English, you will need to get a certified translator to provide a translation of the certificates. If your English is not good we can arrange for an official interpreter to be present at the marriage and we can do it together. The only translators recognised in Australia are Naati Translators .

You can obtain a Notice of Intended Marriage from the Australian High Commission, Embassy or the Australian Foreign Affairs Department in your country. The back of the Form will tell you who can witness the form, for you. This form can be lodged ie. scanned/faxed or emailed to your celebrant prior to the wedding. This form must be lodged no later than one calender month prior to the wedding. I will arrange all of the Legal Paper work necessary for you to be married here. You need to get the form witnessed at the Australian Embassy or Consulate in your country or by a Notary Public.

When you arrive in Australia we have to meet prior to the marriage for me to see the original documents and to finalise the ceremony. Sometimes it is not possible to meet you until the day before your wedding. It is very easy to work together via email, telephone and post.

You will be given a presentation marriage certificate on your wedding day. You will need to obtain a stamped registered copy of your full legal marriage certificate from the registry office before leaving Australia. I can give you the necessary papers to do this.

If you are coming from the USA, UK or NZ then you only need the stamped registered marriage certificate from the Brisbane Registry Office. For all other countries, please review this information. This is necessary in making your marriage legal anywhere in the world. This must be done before you leave Australia.

Department of Immigration.

Should you need any further information please contact me.